As a member of The Boundless Heart Inner Circle, you will have exclusive access to:
  • LC (your host), our sisterhood, and guests at monthly Q&A, deep dive clarity calls on Zoom where we unravel, unleash, undo, and de-condition ourselves of the patriarchal programs.
  • "Off the Mic" sessions for every episode where my guests and I dive deep into community questions or a topic that goes farther than we do on the free portions of the episodes.
  • Practices, techniques, and grounded actions for dissolving tendencies like people pleasing, codependency, and low self-worth, and returning home to oneself. 
  • In the Inner Circle you can be messy, vulnerable, imperfect, clumsy—we can all be like bulls in a China shop as we step into speaking up, feeling confident, radiant, and powerful, and setting, cementing, and keeping boundaries so we can do it in the rest of our lives. Practice is essential to re-condition the body and mind for this kind of world-changing growth.
  • A private Facebook group you are welcome to join with only other members of the Inner Circle to deepen your connection to your sisters rising.
When we treat ourselves with respect, so will they. It cannot be otherwise.